Allyson Elizabeth Knappers <3

How did I get so lucky? I feel so honoured to be graced with a few beautiful and remarkable friends. Coming from a high school full of pretentious, extremely wealthy and spoiled humans, I managed to take away a few incredible, caring, selfless, genuine, beautiful, and compassionate friends. I can’t word it any other way…. How did I get so lucky? I can know in my heart that these friends will always be there for me. My best friends are my best friends for life and no distance or differing life paths will ever change that. Since leaving high school I’ve rarely seen some of them, but when I do it’s like no time has passed. It’s a cliché saying for a reason! My amazing friends are doing incredible things with their lives and so we’ve spent a lot of time in different cities… And I miss them, everyday! But I also don’t, because I know that they are just a text message away; and they are truly with me in my heart. I’m able to focus on myself, work and school and know that when I’m done, they’ll be there. I can travel alone and not feel lonely, ever, because I know I have you guys in my life. These friendships make me the happy person I am today… without you guys life wouldn’t be this great.
Today I am thinking all of these things because one my best friends is celebrating her birthday. She is so mature, genuine, intelligent, and radiant and happens to have the most beautiful smile. Allyson’s beauty is a true reflection of the beauty she has inside. Allyson has conquered so much and I can’t even express in words how proud I am of her. I don’t think I could have ever made it through what she has. I am grateful to have been by her side for so many years now and I can’t wait to have dinner parties with our babies and families one day in the futurre.

You’re hilarious, motivated, kind, compassionate and fun! My best memories have you in them. You’ve been in my life since my first sip of alcohol and I hope you’re in my life until my last sip of kale juice. Sneaking in pools, yoga, getting arrested, wrestling, walking in the woods with smirnoff, the beach, florida, vans, boys, halloween… are just a few memories I have with you. I have so, so, sooo much love for you Allyson. I really hope this day is special for you. I brought out my old brick of a laptop and dug out some oldies of us. It turned off about 20 times and it really struggled to get me these photos. I hope you enjoy them… you seriously look the same throughout them all! And somehow I go from long hair, short hair, braces, brown, blonde, younger looking… Whereas you just stay the same beautiful blonde bombshell.

Love you to pieces!

Sincerely, Laur


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