Why I Use Social Media

I want the intention I have behind my social media to be known. In the circle of all negative things associated with social media, there is also a lot of amazing things that have and can come from it. People have been more exposed to the truth, more people have been able to come together to help a cause, I have made great friends, I have been inspired, I have found support, I have learned, I have related and about every other positive verb you can think of. Instead of viewing social media as something that isolates people when they look down at their phones, I view social media as a potential community. A tool that we can use to learn from each other, inspire each other, and support each other. I really want to express what my motivation is when sharing photos on Instagram or sharing statuses on Facebook. My intention is never trying to show off, trying to look cool, or trying to make anyone feel less worthy, or like they’re not doing enough. I enjoy social media as a wonderful way to express who I am and what I am passionate about. If I can inspire one or two people in the process that makes my heart so warm inside. The friends I have connected with on social media inspire me EVERYDAY. I want to go on Instagram and feel motivated, inspired, and good about myself. I don’t want to go onto social media and feel envy, or less worthy. There are accounts out there to do that though, and I want to reiterate that I never want mine to be that way. I feel like we all experience a lot more than we talk about. For example, most women have experienced body image issues at one point in their lives. The media has made us feel as though cover models are the way you’re supposed to look. I know that a lot of women have suffered because of this. No one wants to feel anything but completely comfortable and happy in their own skin. I have struggled with body issues. I used to be 115lbs and thought I was fat and needed to lose weight. The MEDIA has been an unhealthy, myth provoking, brainwashing negativity in my life that I started to part ways with when I turned vegan. Since seeing media for what it really is: fake, untrue, unhealthy, and manipulative; I have become a much happier and healthy version of my already happy self! This is where social media comes in. A way for regular people; not looking for profit; to share information with each other. A way for me to tell woman that putting healthy, nourishing foods in your body is something that may not give you a “perfect” body compared to a magazine, but it does in fact give you a perfect body. As woman, our bodies are created through evolution to bare children. We have hips for a reason. Curves should be embraced, and if you know you’re replacing each and every one of your cells with nourishing food straight from the ground you can feel mighty good about the curves your body has put on you for a reason! Add in movement that you’re passionate about (yoga/pole dancing/hiking for me) and you’ll be happy for LIFE! Processed and refined foods screw with your hormones, your blood sugar and confuse the shit out of your body. Although I will happily indulge in processed foods from time to time, filling my body with whole, nutritious foods a majority of the time has brought my body to its ideal weight and has given my body AND MIND every tool it needs to be its healthiest self. For me, overcoming my long engrained body image issues was a HUGE thing! I have loved having the opportunity to share discoveries, like this one, that took me years to find. Other discoveries like delicioussss tasting whole food recipes that I only discovered after being vegan for three years. A way of eating that makes me feel confident in my body! A way of living that has changed the way I see materialistic things and money. I used to be completely opposite of who I am today. My compassion and kindness have always remained but my actual actions have changed extremely, allowing me to really match up with my hearts desires. I have actually done a complete 180 and I could not be happier. I used to eat roast chicken subs with extra mayo and extra cheese from subway, feeling low energy and napping all the time. Now I drink smoothies with extra kale and want to run around all day long. I used to buy a new piece of clothing every week and get sick of it after the first time I wore it, contributing to child labour and the need to always have new things. Now I buy second hand clothing and wear the same few things almost every day. I used to drink all the time, and now I save it for special occasions; saving myself a lot of hangover days and discovering a happiness sober that I used to only feel with a few drinks in me! I used to consume, consume, consume and not even realize how cluttered I subconsciously felt. Now I try to the best of my ability to live a zero waste lifestyle, which means attempting to create no trash. I do this through making my own cleaners, buying in bulk (packaging free) with mason jars, eating from the ground (nothing processed), buying second hand, etc. Obviously sometimes I stray from this, but this way of living has lifted a weight off of my shoulders that I didn’t even know was there. I feel FREE. I don’t have to be overwhelmed with STUFF anymore, STUFF that just sat there and collected dust. I can go shopping and not feel tempted to buy every nice thing I see. I can find unique, amazing, vintage items at second hand stores and think about the person who used to own it; feeling grateful to them for giving me this treasure. My conscience feels good because I am not contributing to the industries that are destroying this beautiful planet. That is why I use social media. For the people who might find happiness in the “outside of the box” things I do, and would not otherwise be exposed to them. Discovering ways to live the happiest, healthiest, and most fulfilling life ever is something I want to share with my friends. And it’s my friends who have shown me so many of these ways to live! Without social media I would not be who I am today, and I hope that I can continue to be a source of inspiration to pursue your passions, and pursue what makes you feel good now and in the future. To give a light at the end of a tunnel that you can be happy straying away from the norms of our current culture. I also use social media because no one should have to feel shitty about themselves, no one should have to feel alone and everyone deserves to be happy. If I can be a friend for someone, give advice, or just put a smile on someone’s face then my post was worth something. A supportive, inspiring, and kind community is what I want from my friends and family on social media. Every follower I receive shows me that someone has taken an interest in my life and they will receive a follow back because I am equally as interested in their lives. My motivation behind social media is not to look cool and it is most definitely not to try and look better than anyone else. I do not think I am better than anyone, I believe we are all of equal worth and value and everyone has a unique thing to offer the world. I don’t believe I am better than any animal either, and that’s a huge reason why I am vegan. Putting myself out there has always been a nerve wrecking thing due to fear of judgement. But then I realized that there’s always going to be someone who thinks something negative about you when you put yourself out there. However, it’s the people you will touch that matter. Others negative opinions on you is truly… meaningless. What matters is happiness within yourself and being true to yourself. All the words spoken in this blog are from my heart. Something I will work on everyday: Not fearing judgement. Namaste


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